MELAO 5 Pcs Barbe Beard Growth Kit T1906

Brand: MELAO
Quantity: 1 kit.
Package Include:
1xBeard Wax 60g/2 fl.oz
1xBeard Oil Beard 30ml/1 fl.oz
1xBeard Brush

1 Beard Growth Oil & Beard Balm:
Made from 100% pure ingredients, it softens the beard, regulates the skin, helps the beard grow, and makes the beard thicker and softer. It only takes a few drops to deeply moisturize the beard and make it look fresh and clean. Our beard balm is made of 100% pure ingredients. It moisturizes the beard and skin,reduces dandruff,and makes the beard grow healthily.
2 Beard Comb & Brush & Trimming Scissors:
The dual sided comb is made of high quality sandal wood offering the best grooming experience with both its fine and coarse teeth for different hair types. Not likes the beard straightener, the boar bristle beard brush is Pocket-size, fits perfectly in your jeans' pocket or bag pocket, you can pull through oils and balms or groom your facial hair in anytime, anywhere. The stainless steel sharp scissor gives best trimming experience.
3 Storage Bag:
The storage bag is made of environmentally friendly materials and makes it easy to take on the road, or just keep an extra kit in the office.

Avoid use:
1. On acne or irritated skin.
2. Under eyes or on lips.
3. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
4. Do not share with others.
5. Please keep away from children.