MELAO Deep Sea Salt Bath Bomb T326

Brand: MELAO
Quantity: 1 Box.
Sodium palm oil, Sodium palm kernel oleate, Citric acid, Sea salt, OLEA EUROPAEA fruit oil, Sucrose, Glycerin, Water, Trehalose, Natural Plant extracts.
Net Weight: 60g * 12pcs.

The deep sea bath salt itself contains a variety of trace elements.
It can be used to wash your face, bathe your feet, and clean your skin.
Long-term use will make your skin smooth, delicate and moisturized, allowing you to enjoy a romantic and beautiful bubble bath.
It also can be used for foot baths, baths, hot springs, etc.

How to use:
1. Place the shower bombs in the bathtub or foot-bath and fill it with warm water. Put 1-2 pieces per piece, the bath ball will gradually dissolve, and at the same time it will emit a fragrant smell. According to personal needs, after sufficient foam, take out the natural bath bombs and enjoy the hot spring bath.
2. Once to three times a week, soak and rest for 20 minutes. Keep the temperature of the water at about 36°C. After soaking, rinse with water (usually 2-3 times a week).

Suitable for skin:
Uneven skin tone, dull, pigmented skin, dry skin, cold hands and feet.

1. For external use only.
2. Avoid direct contact with eyes.