SEPROFE 8 Pcs Eyeshadow Brush Set T698

Quantity: 1 set.
Weight (not include eyeshadow brush bag): 48g.
Weight (include eyeshadow brush bag): 95g.
Color: Red, Blue.
Material: aluminum tube / wooden handle / artificial fiber.
1 * Eye Blending Brush
1 * Eyeshadow brush
1 * Eyeliner Brush
1 * Brow and Eye Angular Brush
1 * Eye Contour Brush
1 * Eye Shadow Buffing Brush
1 * Small Eye Shadow Brush
1 * Tapered Blending Brush

Product description:
The key to look beautiful when applying your makeup is using the right tools. SEPROFE brings you this 8-piece eyeshadow brush set. Ideal for creating round the clock looks, these brushes offer excellent blending. These eye makeup brushes let you define your eyes by applying different color shades and blending those shades flawlessly to make an excellent combination. This eye brush set are precise, easier to hold and wield for stunning eye. There is a durable and handy case with these eye brushes so that it is easier to carry them anywhere safely.

1. Brand New and High quality.
2. Easy to stick powder, natural color, rendering uniform. Used on the eye to apply, blend or contour multiple mediums.
3. No fading and no hair dropping brushes boost and present your life taste.
4. It is portable and convenient to use and carry.

How to clean your brushes:
1. You can choose a special brush cleaning agent, or use mild washing products (such as baby shampoo, etc.) for cleaning. When using the brush cleaner, squeeze out the cleansing cream and apply it to the soaked cosmetic brush, rub it gently, and then rinse with cold water.
2. Never wash against the hair.
3. After cleaning, use facial tissue or cotton pad to gently press the bristles to let the water drain out quickly. Remember not to twist the bristles, which may loosen the structure or even shed hair.
4. After controlling the moisture, hang up the makeup brush and let the bristles face down to air dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer to blow it hot or expose it to the sun, so as not to damage the material.

Warm note:
1. Don’t use eye brushes kit on broken skin.
2. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep full eye brush set out of the reach of kids.

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