UNNY CLUB Watery Rose & Hydrating Matte Makeup Base T2882

Quantity: 1 bottle
Net weight: 30ml
Watery Rose Matte Makeup Base
For oily skin
Say goodbye to oily skin, matte makeup effect
Hydrating Rejuvenation Makeup Base
For dry skin
Moisturizes and brightens, restores natural watery skin

The makeup base primer containing Damask Rose Water covers skin imperfections, pores, blemishes and prepares skin for smooth makeup application. Provides a clear skin tone while leaving skin texture even and moisturized.
Advanced formula of this makeup base soothes irritated skin leaving a refreshing finish without feeling sticky, heavy or oily.
Natural extracts (Matricaria Flower Extract, Port Marigold Flower Extract, Everlasting Flower Water, Mirotamnus Polabellifolia Leaf Extract, Cacao Extract) hydrate and calm down tired skin leaving its texture flawless and glowing.
A silicone-free makeup primer that does not irritate skin.
Hard gel texture melts softly as soon as it touches the skin, providing gentle care even for sensitive skin.

The Story of UNNY CLUB Brand
UNNY CLUB, Asian minimalist beauty, the main consumer group is young people, the products cover almost all daily cosmetics.
Since its establishment in 2014, UNNY CLUB has taken minimalism as its design concept, and is committed to injecting the brand concept of "simple and pure" into the research and development, production and marketing links, creating three series of makeup, skin care and washing care.
The minimalist design with black, white and gray as the main color, integrates "natural food science", so that every consumer can enjoy the unique charm and comfortable visual beauty of natural beauty.
UNNY CLUB makes beauty simple and pure.