Best 3 Tips to Stop Forehead Wrinkles in Your Tracks

If you usually have a rich expression and like to frown, your forehead lines will be more serious.

As a woman who really loves beauty, I always care about the maintenance of my forehead. Don't frown, don't remember unhappy things every day, smile more, remember, smile, not laugh.

In addition to these, you also need to use some forehead care products, there is a very important point, remember to pat and massage your forehead every day.

Today, I will share 3 tips:

1 After washing your face every morning and evening and applying toner, remember to pat your forehead and cheeks with your hands from the middle of your forehead or cheeks to back. This will make your forehead and apple muscles fuller.

Please insist on this point, as long as you can persist, you will be at least 10 years younger than your peers.

2 Use a jade messager roller or a scraper to scrape your forehead for 1 minute a day, almost 40 back and forth.

Natural jade has a good skin care effect. According to your skin lines, massaging the skin can effectively remove wrinkles.

3 Use forehead mask once a week, especially with the firming and moisturizing effects.

If you are really busy, please at least once a month. The effect of forehead mask cannot be ignored. If I say too much, it’s useless. You’ll know after one try.

I hope you can have a firm, shiny forehead, so that you will look really radiant.

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