Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

In summer, the skin tends to become unbalanced. Usually normal skin will become oily or dry. At this time, people should adjust their skin care products according to the change of seasons, so that their skin can get the best protection.

1. Antiperspirant and deodorant

  From the antiperspirant fragrance products, choose the one that suits you and apply it before going out every morning. Although it can't really be "sweat-free", it can help you avoid the harassment of sweaty smell.

2. Moisturizing spray

Sunbathing and blowing hot air can make your skin suffocated. At this time, the moisturizing spray is the fastest cooling agent for the skin. Spray the spray evenly on the facial skin at a distance of 15 cm from the facial skin, and then gently dry it with a soft tissue to make the skin instantly cool.

3. Moisturizing mask

It is absolutely more enjoyable to use the mask in summer than in winter, wet and cool. It is recommended that you can put the peel off mask in the refrigerator for ten minutes and then apply it, you can feel the coolness of the heart. Beauty lovers who often sit in air-conditioned houses should also pay attention to the fact that air-conditioning wind may be a major reason for drying your skin.

4. Refreshing cream, moisturizing without oil

A lot of sweating may make your skin feel quite moist, and no moisturizing is necessary. In fact, this is an illusion. This will cause the skin to be oily and dry, and in severe cases it may peel. The oil-free moisturizing cream replenishes the skin without adding oil, leaving the skin with no burden of absorption.

5. Drink

(1) Eat more sour food. In fact, sour foods are rich in vitamin C, which can suppress the production of pigments. So it can make your skin fair. It is recommended to eat more tomatoes and lemons in summer.

(2) Drink some honey every day. Honey has the effect of removing toxins, clearing intestines and delaying aging. Insist on eating honey, which can replenish blood gas or use skin care products containing honey, which can make your skin bright and play a role in diminishing stains.
In summer, take care of your skin too!

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