What Is The Difference Between Lotion And Face Cream

To put it simply in a sentence or two:

The texture of the lotion is relatively thin, the water content is relatively large, the fluidity is strong, and it is easy to push away and easy to absorb.

The texture of the face cream is relatively thick, the water content is less than that of the lotion, and it is generally not easy to flow.

The nutrient content of the lotion is 20%, and the water content is 80%.

Face cream is the opposite, nutrient content is as high as 80%, and water content is only 20%.

The main function of lotion is to replenish water, and the main function of face cream is to lock water.

In order to distinguish between lotion and cream more clearly, I distinguished lotion and cream from several different dimensions.

1. Different appearance
Emulsion: semi-liquid, fresh texture;
Face cream: in the form of a cream;

2. Different moisture content
Emulsion: high water content, easy to push, easy to absorb;
Cream: contains more oil and is more moisturizing.

3. Different skin types are suitable
Lotion: Suitable for oily skin;
Cream: suitable for dry skin.

4. Different seasons
Emulsion: suitable for summer, the season when skin metabolism is vigorous;
Face cream: suitable for winter, when the climate is relatively dry.

5. Different absorption speed
Emulsion: The texture is refreshing and light, which can quickly penetrate the skin and play a moisturizing effect;
Face cream: contains more oil and has less penetration than lotion, so the skin absorbs nutrients slowly.

6. Different water-locking ability
Emulsion: The water is more dilute and can quickly replenish the skin's moisture, but the ability to lock water is poor, and the skin moisturizes for a short time;
Face cream: thicker, it can form a film on the skin surface to prevent water loss, and has better water retention ability.

In addition, there are two types of face creams: one is day cream and the other is night cream.

The biggest feature of day cream is to help isolate and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. To be precise, it contains SPF sun protection index;

The night cream focuses on repairing and nourishing. It is often richer in nutrients than day creams. It can better repair the damaged skin during the night, eliminate fatigue, and restore delicate and smooth skin.

Cream or lotion, which one is better for me?

People with dry skin are recommended to use face cream all year round.

On the other hand, oily skin itself produces more oil from the sebaceous glands, which is prone to acne. Therefore, it is recommended to use facial cream in winter according to the specific oily conditions of your skin, and in summer, you can dispense with facial cream and use lotion to moisturize.

Should I use a refreshing cream or a moisturizing cream?

The refreshing cream has a thin texture like cheese, and generally does not contain very high oil content. It is suitable for combination skin and normal skin.

The moisturizing cream has a thick and shiny texture, a bit like butter, with high oil content, suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Maybe you still don’t know your skin type. Here is a simple way to identify it:
Do a good job of moisturizing after cleansing, and distinguish your skin texture through later changes.

After 1 hour, the skin began to be oily and rough. In summer, the face is greasy and prone to pimples and acne. It is an oily skin.

After 2-4 hours, the skin in the T zone begins to show oil, and the rest of the cheeks and other parts are normal, with mixed skin.

After 6-8 hours, the skin starts to appear oily, the skin is delicate and elastic, neither dry nor oily, it is a normal skin.

There is no oiliness on the face within 12 hours, and the skin is more prone to dryness and tightness when changing seasons, and it is prone to sunburn. It is a dry skin.

How to use face cream for the best effect?

Facial cream is generally used as the finale, the last step to lock in moisture and nutrients, and better nourish the skin.
Before applying the cream, you must do a good job of basic moisturizing. Make up the water, essence, and lotion first, so that the effect of the cream can be maximized.

Proper massage can accelerate the absorption of the cream:
After warming up by rubbing your hands together, take an appropriate amount of cream on your palms, rub your hands gently to emulsify, massage the face from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside until it is absorbed.

Dry skin can also be used with a sleeping mask at night.

If the skin feels very tight and collapsed in autumn and winter, you can drop moisturizing oil into the cream to help spread it, and the nourishing effect will be better.

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