Perfect Diary Charming Modelling Contour Eyebrow Palette T2947

Brand: Perfect Diary
Type: Eyebrow Kit
Theme: Beauty
Net Wight: 3.9g

*The creamy formula glides on skin and hair smoothly and won't fade, stays put even on oily skin or in humidity.
*A palette of 4 natural, easy-to-wear colours, including high-light powder, nose shadow powder, and dark shades for eyebrow.

How To Use:
1. Define the eyebrow shape by brushing the hairs upward with the spoolie.
2. Use the flat side of the pencil tip, outline the bottom of the eyebrow from arch to tail.
3. Use the brush to apply the shades from light to dark, adjusting shades according to face and hair color.
4. Use the highlighter in the areas where needed for better contrast and shining eyes.

The Story of Perfect Diary Brand
Perfect Diary is regarded as the king of Asia makeup brands. In 2017, Perfect Diary was born to explore unlimited beauty. We want to make it easy for everyone to be beautiful. The core concept of "Perfect Diary" is "Unlimited Beauty" to let everyone not to be bounded by labels, but to embrace their uniqueness and expand the endless possibilities in lives.
Perfect Diary focuses on the exploration, modelization and expression of beauty, providing everyone with a beauty experience that is within reach and beyond expectation.
Perfect Diary once won WWD International Beauty Industry Awards "New Brand Award of the Year", ELLE Beauty Awards "Creative Cross-Border Award", Bazaar "Best Eyeshadow of the Year", Ruili "Annual Best-selling Ace Liquid Foundation", "popularity out of stock King Mascara".
Pursue perfection, never stop!