3CE One Tear Liquid Eyeshadow Glitter Pearlescent T2448

Brand: 3CE
Quantity: 1 Stick.
Color: 5 colors available
Net weight: 4.5g

Shimmer powder, bling for eyes, ultra sparkle, teary-eye effect.
Switch on the sparkle with a single touch of liquid eyeshadow.
The iridescent shimmer will put you in the spotlight whereever you go.
The glitter lays down a thin and dewy layer that adhere to eye and lasts all day, without any fallout or fading.

How to Use :
Dispense a small amount, then gently apply around eyes to add sparkle.

The Story of 3CE Brand
3CE is one of the youngest and most fun brands on the block, dealing in lip glaze, lipstick, eye shadow, blusher, foudation, and more. Go from morning to evening in an instant, and simply touch up to look flawless all day.
Today 3CE is highly recognized by consumers for the unique shade range of earthy tones. 3CE also opened up a new era of cosmetics packaging with its iconic shade matched packs and continuously providing consumers with exciting creative collections.
Living up to the motto "creative makeup", the brand always strives to present new, trendy looks inspired by fashion and beyond. With unmatched sensitivity in color.
3CE innovates and never follows.