Papa Recipe Solanum Fruit Extract Deep Clean Fask Mask T2967

Brand: Papa Recipe
Quantity: 1 Box(10 Pcs)
Net weight: 10*7.5g
Main ingredient: Solanum Fruit Extract, Hyaluronic acid, Centella asiatica, Kaolin Bentonite, Mandelic acid.

Deep clean & oil control, shrink pores, gentle and soothing, suitable for sensitive skin.
Physical adsorption + chemical dissolution, make your skin pure and transparent.
Super watery cream texture, give your skin a big mouthful of mousse cream.
Smooth enjoyment, soft and waxy, easy to clean, moisturizing and not drying.

The Story of Papa Recipe Brand
Launched in 2012, Papa Recipe is committed to providing the right skincare products to customers in order to help them discover the primal beauty of their skin.
Papa Recipe starts with a belief that "true recipe can be found in the field," and strives to explore and discover the best raw ingredient that is "right for skin."
Cruelty-free and pregnancy-safe, this Korean beauty brand is grounded with a passion to cultivate the best skincare formula that can help achieve the most natural, beautiful skin for everyone.

That is why we are
"The naturalistic brand of action"
Papa Recipe