Portable Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine Kit T2369

Note: The package doesn't include the adapter. It is recommended to use 5V 2A adapter, please don't use the adapter exceed 5V 2A.

Bits Size: 3/32 Inch
Input Voltage Range: 100-240V, 0/60Hz, 5V 2A (US Plug)
Output Voltage: DC 0-12V
Handpiece Length: 5.1 inches
Handpiece Weight: 2.2 ounces

1) 0-20,000 RPM continuously alterable speed switching, works great for polishing, removing your acrylic nails or gel nails.
2) Low heat, low noise, low vibration, and portable compact, easy to use this nail drill machine
3) Easy to operate with Forward/Reverse directions, suitable for left-hand and right-hand.
4) USB charging design lets you get cord freedom, feel free to enjoy your nail art at home or travel.
5) Compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry.

1. This nail drill is designed for acrylic gel nails. So if you want to remove the gel polish of natural nails but you are not a professional manicurist, please use the nail polish remover pads instead of a nail drill to avoid damage to the nail bed.
2. In order to meet the requirements of professional manicurists, this product is designed to have an adjustable rotation speed of 0-20000 rpm. Please slowly adjust it from a low speed to a higher speed that you like when you are using it. Do not adjust it to the highest speed all at once to prevent the improper operation from hurting your nails.
3. A high-speed motor will inevitably generate heat, so please do not use the nail drill for too long each time. When you feel that the nail drill is overheated, please stop using it immediately and wait for the heat to dissipate before using it again. (no more than 20 minutes of continuous use each time is recommended)
4. Please do not pull the power cord or let the device drop or by other impacts.
5. Please do not use the device when the connecting wires broke and do not touch the plug with a wet hand to prevent electric leakage and shock or fire. Do not operate in wet or moist conditions/Only a dry cloth is allowed for cleaning.