10 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes Kit T609

Quantity: 1 kit.
Kit includes: 10 pairs premium synthetic fiber magnetic lashes, 2 * liquid magnetic eyeliner, 1 * eyelash curler.
Single set weight: 90g.

Product description:
❤ Creating natural and charming eye makeup:
Every woman is eager to have a pair of charming eyelashes. The magnetic lashes made of highly imitation 3D premium synthetic fiber are softer and more realistic than ordinary false eyelashes, creating charming eyes. The magnet eyelashes are equipped with multiple micro-magnets. The magnetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine high-magnetic particles, which can more easily fit the contours of the eyes, create natural eye makeup, and display a charming 3D eyelash effect.
❤ High-quality magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit:
Magnetic false eyelashes with eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles. According to expert statistics, each bottle of mascara contains 3 million magnetic beads, and a few tiny high-strength magnets are embedded in the magnetic lashes to facilitate connection. Magnetic eyelashes don't need glue, nor worry about clumping or stickiness so it is safe and convenient.
❤ 10 pairs of amazing 3D eyelashes:
The set contains 10 pairs of different styles of fake eyelashes. The magnetic lashes and liner is comfortable to wear and can be worn all day. Immediately provide you with a charming natural look. Very durable and perfect performance. Most fashionable style false eyelash, full but natural looking, excellent length and width. Suitable for daily life, party and so on. Make your eyes charm and attractive.
❤ Easy to use & reusable:
Just use magnetic eyeliner to apply 2-3 layers on the upper eyelid, then put the magnetic eyelashes on the eyeliner when it is dry. Simplely to get a pair of beautiful and real eyelashes to attract men's attention, and show charming style and confidence. High-quality glue-free magnetic eyelashes natural look can be used multiple times after proper use and storage.

How to use:
1. Apply magnetic eyeliner,
2. Wait 1-2 minutes for half dry,
3. Use tweezer to apply eyelash,
4. Get beautiful look.

Easy to remove:
Three methods to remove the eyelashes,
1. Wipe directly with makeup remover,
2. Pull it down gently by hand,
3. Clip it directly with eyelash curler.

Warm note:
1. Don’t use the natural fake lashes on broken skin.
2. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep thenatural false lashes out of the reach of kids.

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