3CE Mood Recipe Eyeshadow Palette #DELIGHTFUL T2340

Brand: 3CE
Quantity: 1 palette.
Net weight: 8.2g

Product description:
#DELIGHTFUL: Pinkish Brown Shade Palette
Pigmented Multi Eye Shadow
3CE Clear Layer Warm & Cool
9 Colors ! Pearl / Glow / SparKling Shadow
Creamy Texture, Bling-Bling Color Match
Made in Korea

Soft and moist feeling like silk soft matte - The fine particles of mineral powder are soft and spread well.
Harmonious color harmony - The harmonious color arrangement of nine tone-on-tones creates a more complete eye makeup with a deeper and more mellow color as layered together.
Clear and clear transparent color - It removes the dullness characteristic of powder, develops a clear and transparent color, and creates a clean makeup even by layering multiple colors.