AMORTALS Natural Body Solid Fragrance Cream T2857

Quantity: 1 box
Net Weight: 4g
#Alone Girl At Snow Night
Top Notes - Pink Pepper, Rose
Middle Notes - Rose, Raspberry Blossom
Base Notes - Papyrus, Amber
Fragrance character: cool and gentle

#Paper Windows And Cypress
Top Notes - Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper, Juniper
Middle Notes - Incense, Squirrel, Orris Root
Base Notes - Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood
Fragrance character: quiet and soothing

#Wanderers And Saints
Top Notes - Bergamot, Lemon, Orange Blossom, Calendula, Blackcurrant
Middle Notes - Violet, Jasmine, Cyclamen
Base Notes - Amber, Musk, Vetiver, Cedar
Fragrance character: free and enthusiastic

#Cool Summer And Tuberose
Top Notes - Angelica, Cranberry, Lemon
Middle Notes - Jasmine, Green Leaf, Tuberose, Rose
Base notes - dragon grass, suede
Fragrance character: clean and beautiful

There are 4 kinds of fragrance flavorsfor your choice, let your body fragrance be born naturally, and make your own unique natural fragrance.
Soft waxy, mochi texture, moonlight white high-grade paste, light and soft to fit your skin.
The fragrance can last for 16 hours, making you radiant all day long.
Natural plant extract ingredients, alcohol-free, added skin care essential oils, moisturizing and gentle.

How To Use:
Take a small amount of balm with your fingertips and evenly apply it to the body with high body temperature, such as wrists, behind the ears, collarbone, legs, etc., and gently rub the skin to release the fragrance.

If you like me, use it every day.
After opening, it is best to use it within 3-5 months.
Because perfume cream is made of pure natural plant extracts, it may be oxidized when exposed to the air and sunlight after opening, which does not affect use.

The Story of AMORTALS Brand:
AMORTALS, founded in 2014, is an independent makeup designer's cosmetics brand. Covering make-up and beauty tools.
Let every user who is in a fast-paced and stressed city in the city,
Feel the happiness of daily life,
Product development team with user perspective,
Uphold the concept of starting from the heart and do a good job in the design concept of each product,
Carefully select products, listen carefully to users' voices, and focus on user needs
Integrate creativity to solve users' pain points into products, and use products to connect life,
Bring surprises to everyone, every day is important!
AMORTALS believes in:
Every sincerity will not be let down, and every demand must be responded to.
AMORTALS, focus on professionalism, born for beauty