AMORTALS No-Wash Oil-Control Hair Fluffy Powder T2535

Quantity: 1 box
Net Weight: 6g

- Fine and lightweight powder particles.
- Oil-free and Traceless, Naturally Fluffy
- Modified Cornstarch Formula
- Take care of the hair scalp without allergies
- Safe and not stuffy acne
- Will not clog pores

How To Use:
Apply the fluffy powder onto greasy place of your hair and knead evenly

The Story of AMORTALS Brand:
AMORTALS, founded in 2014, is an independent makeup designer's cosmetics brand. Covering make-up and beauty tools.
Let every user who is in a fast-paced and stressed city in the city,
Feel the happiness of daily life,
Product development team with user perspective,
Uphold the concept of starting from the heart and do a good job in the design concept of each product,
Carefully select products, listen carefully to users' voices, and focus on user needs
Integrate creativity to solve users' pain points into products, and use products to connect life,
Bring surprises to everyone, every day is important!
AMORTALS believes in:
Every sincerity will not be let down, and every demand must be responded to.
AMORTALS, focus on professionalism, born for beauty