BABREA Matte & Shimmer Soft Watery Eyeshadow Pencil T2924

Quantity: 1 Stick
Net weight: 1.9g
#1 Milk Tea
#2 Champagne Gold
#3 Grapefruit Pink
#4 Shining Star River

Fast film-forming technology allows you to wear makeup for 12 hours.
Add black truffle, hyaluronic acid, tocopheryl acetate, make your makeup moisturizing and fit your skin better, while repairing and anti-oxidation.
Waterproof and sweatproof, no smudges.
Can be used for lying silkworm, eyeliner, contouring, facial highlighting and brightening.

The Story of BABREA Brand
BABREA, established in 2018, offers makeup products and tools for city girls, with the brand belief "Girls can wear light & natural makeup, just as they can have any lifestyle that they choose to live in."
Our Objective has always been to formulate makeup products of finest quality, investigated and sourced plant-based and laboratory ingredients worldwide, inventing "PLANTECH", devoted to bringing no extra burden for the skin.
We believe that beauty is all about how confident you feel and how independent you are, let makeup be easy and comfortable to wear, let BABREA cosmetics products help girls express their full potential by building on natural beauty.