Coreana Seduire Magic Ampoule Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream T2874

Brand: Coreana
Quantity: 1 Stick
Net weight: 1.06 fl oz/30ml
Main ingredients: Acetyl hexapeptide-8, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, noni fruit, blue lotus, ceramide-like, kidney bean extract, etc.

Note: Free massage stick with every eye cream

Coreana ampoule eye cream + massage stick can effectively break down melanin, brighten your skin around the eyes, reduce fine lines around the eyes, and make your eyes look firm and shiny.
4 major patented ingredients, brighten your skin around the eyes.
01 Noni Fruit (Patent No. 844275)
Contains collagen to soothe and anti-wrinkle
02 Blue Lotus (Patent No. 920899)
Antioxidant, Lighten Fine Lines, Anti-wrinkle
03 Contains seven patented ingredients of flower water (patent number 1488764)
Moisturizing active ingredients to brighten skin tone
04 kidney bean extract (patent number 574848)
Promote collagen synthesis and enhance skin elasticity.
Also add anti-wrinkle active ingredients Acetyl hexapeptide-8, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 to make your skin look younger and more vibrant.

How To Use:
First, take the eye cream in the size of a soybean and spread it around the eyes
Gently follow the contours of the eye contour, gliding massage from the outside to the inside
Then tap lightly with your fingertips to help the eye cream absorb

The Story of Coreana Brand
Coreana, a premium skin care brand that designs natural and relaxing beauty for aging skin with concentrated botanical ingredients obtained from nature.
Coreana creates beauty of art from nature and respects women's value.
Winning "Best-selling" title for 22 years, and won the first prize for marketing.
It has been at the top 30 among cosmetic companies over the world.
Here is the beautiful world that seeks for beautiful happiness of mankind.
Coreana shares beautiful happiness.