DEROL 12-Color Glitter Eyeshadow Set T901

Brand: DEROL
Quantity: 1 set.
weight: 70g.
Applicable people: Suitable for all people.

Do you always have no enough time to make up while hurry to work, school, party or meet friend?
√ Quickly make up in any rush situation.
√ Easily touch up in any embarrassing occasion.
√ Capsule packaging, easy to carry.

Product description:
1. Glitter, smooth texture without clumping:
This glitter waterproof eyeshadow stick is delicate in texture and exudes charm according to the angle of light, make your eyes shine and deep appeal. Compared with powdery eyeshadow, its soft and creamy texture let you don't take too much time to blend. You can master it easily and avoid mess finish.
2. 10 seconds makeup, classy & build able base color:
Light carrying belt, you can quickly apply makeup with a single touch. These starter-friendly shades can be used alone or as a base, even starters can use it to create gorgeous finish.
3. Waterproof and sweat proof:
Long-lasting waterproof, no blooming, even the good makeup even when sweating during fitness. Portable size and portability design integrating coloring and blending brushes, you can also makeup at any time or in a very short time, avoiding some embarrassing situations.
4. 12 colors & stereoscopic:
With 12 magic wand colors , this multi-color eyeshadow shimmer cream can fit your different dress styles, to release your personality. This vegan eyeshadow cream sticks can modify the outline and eyes to make your smile more confident and charming.

How to use:
Apply makeup eyeshadow to lids and blend with fingers before the color dries and sets to achieve the best effect.

Keep it in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. (Please keep out of reach of children.)