EVM 5 Pcs Retinol Anti-wrinkle Recovery Facial Mask T2922

Brand: EVM
Quantity: 1 Box
Net weight: 14ml+14ml/PC
Main ingredients:
Retinol, sea fennel extract, SYN-HA elastic technology.

EVM Retinol Anti-aging Face Mask, with 24K gold double film, added German IAR retinol, luxurious sea fennel, only 15 minutes, rejuvenates and soothes, activates skin vitality, allows you to enjoy SPA-level essence moisturizing, and has firmness and elasticity moist skin.
Adopt fine gold penetration conduction activation technology
Infiltrate and moisturize, absorb and import, lift and firm your skin.
EVM scientific research SYN-HA elastic and moisturizing compound technology, promote collagen production, supplement skin nutrition and moisture, increase skin elasticity.

For sensitive skin, it is recommended to skin test the product on the inside of the wrist and behind the ear before use.

How To Use:
Step 1, After cleansing, apply the remaining essence in the film bag evenly to the face.
Step 2, Take out the film cloth and tear off the lining cloth; first apply the first half of the film cloth, and then apply the second half of the mask.
Step 3, Wait for 15 minutes to witness firm and elastic skin.

The Story of EVM Brand
EVM is the leader of Chinese cosmeceutical brands. EVM = ever master, which means long-term management master. The brand insists on simple, pure and effective. The main products cover face cream, serum, eye cream, facial masks, toners, lotions, etc.