FASCY 80ml Milk Moisture Bomb Hand Cream T2961

Note: Buy any two hand creams and get a free lip balm as gift

Brand: FASCY
Quantity: 1 Stick
Net weight: 80ml
Main ingredient: milk essence, shea butter, aloe vera leaf extract, panthenol.

- Rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, small molecules penetrate layer by layer, supplement nutrition, deeply nourishing your hands.
- Moisturizing and locking water, creating a small reservoir for the skin
- Deep nourishment, long-lasting moisturizing
- Repair fine lines on hands

The Story of FASCY Brand
FASCY, Korean beauty brand, aims for clean beauty that contains only mild and good ingredients, so that any type of skin can use.
The belief that good ingredients make good skin.
Skin that improves every day due to the combination of vegetable ingredients, and safe ingredients from nature.
We made our products with the heart that all skin in the world to be healthy.
FASCY presents a variety of beauty inspirations through its mascot Tina, a young female character who appears in different looks and styles on each of the brand's products.