FLOWER KNOWS Circus Series Matte Velevt Lip Mud T2766

Net Weight: 3.5g
Product Size: Length 1.6cm | Height 13cm
Fragrance: Cocoa
Material of packaging: Alloy+Acrylic
Shelf-Life: 3 years
(It is recommended to use up within 12 months after opening)
Made in China
01 Canned Peaches
Cream peach; Gentle and sweet
Cute peachy pink; Non-neon colour
Youthful, pretty, and cute
02 Grape Mousse
Smoky purple-pink; Epitome of elegance
Dried roses; Cool-toned and low saturation dark pink colour with brown and grey hues
Classy and more suitable for those with olive skin
03 Oatmeal Latte
Winter warmth; A natural warm milk tea
A nude brownish pink colour, suitable as a base lip colour
Low saturated colour that is gentle and classy
04 Terra Cotta
For everyday outing and work; A warm dark pink colour
Warm brownish red colour; An easy to match low saturated colour
Gentle and would never go wrong
05 Creamy Bean
Soft and creamy; Maple syrup; The colour of sweetness
A warm colour that gives you a better complexion naturally
Suitable for those with warm and cool skin tones
06 Pumpkin Pie
Caramel baked pumpkin; suitable for those with darker lips
Caramelised orange; A thoroughly ripe pumpkin
An earth-toned orange colour
Suitable for those with warmer skin tones
07 Frosted Strawberry
Winter strawberry; Classy female artiste
Fresh haw and strawberry colour
A youthful bright red that makes your skin glow
08 Red Bean Paste
A cool colour; Brightens your complexion
Dark jujube colour; A rich blood-like dark red which makes your skin glow
An aloof, retro queen
09 Burnt Brown
Sweet yet cool brown colour; You get to decide your own personality
Sweet yet cool brown colour; You get to decide your own personality
10 Truffle Cocoa
Extremely bitter dark chocolate; Cool and haughty
A chocolate red; Rich black cocoa
A colour for the Queen
11 Saffron Apricot
Nude apricot colour; Low saturation apricot milk tea
Gentle and sweet when applied alone
Can be used as base for a deeper lip colour
12 Pink Mist
Dark pink with grey and brown hues
Low saturation nude colour
Elegant and fresh, suitable for those with olive skin
13 Snowy Milk tea
Greyish brown; Cold toned latte
A carefree colour, thick application has a more rich brown colour
14 Adzuki-Bean Tea
Matte red bean colour; Low saturation graceful auburn red colour
Brightens your complexion
Suitable for all skin tones; even without wearing makeup
15 Maple Chestnut
Dried autumn reddish brown colour; Warm red mixed with orange-brown tone
A colour that lightens your complexion and transforms you into the female lead of a drama
Perfect for those with warm skin tone and darker lips

#05 Creamy Bean
Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Polyglycerol-2 Triisostearate, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Cross-Linked Polymer, Octyldodecanol, CI 77891, CI 77492, Carnauba (COPERNICIA CERIFERA) Wax, Triaxanthine, Silica, CI 15850:1, CI 77491, C30-45 Alkyl Polymethylsiloxane Alkane, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, C30-45 Olefin, Diisostearyl Malate, Titanium/Titanium Dioxide.

1. Mud-like texture
Soft and compact
Easy to spread and blend. Not dry on the lips
2. Matte texture
Pigmented and high coverage for a classy lip makeup
3. Cute packaging
Exquisite and easy to carry around
Bestows magic upon makeup

How to Use:
1. Apply some concealer on the lips as the base and apply the lip product multiple times in small amounts.
2. Blend the edges with finger or cotton bud.
3. If you want a richer colour, wait for the lip product to dry slightly before applying more and blending it.

The Story of FLOWER KNOWS Brand
Girl's heart, Flower Knows.
FLOWER KNOWS was established in 2016 in Hangzhou, China. With a concept of originality, FLOWER KNOWS strives to be international good brands with its dreamy theme.
In FLOWER KNOWS, we believe the pursuit of beauty is a process of healing oneself. Makeup, is to color the mood, is a ritual to face life positively.
We have put an immense amount of passion into our products in the hope to heal the world with a girlish heart, which we define as the yearning for beauty and romance.
FLOWER KNOWS, to be the makeup brand that guard everyone's girlish heart that yearns for beauty and romance.