FLOWER KNOWS Unicorn Series Matte Makeup Blusher T2760

Dimensions: 7.2cm*6cm*2cm
Material: Alloy and Injection Mould
Net weight: 5g
Fragrance: Sakura scent
Shelf-Life: 3 years
01 Snowy Pearl
02 Crystal Luna
03 Sakura Avenue
04 Honey Lemonade
05 Unripe Peach
06 Frosty Rose

1. Fine and smooth matte texture, lightweight and pigmented blush.
2. Adheres to skin and blends easily, even application with minimal fallout.
3. Natural looking and better complexion, adds a flush of colour to your cheeks.
4. Original crystal unicorn design, three-dimensional embossed shell craft, a delicate and exquisite case.

1. The alloy cases are handwork. The line observed is a normal result of the craftsmanship.
2. The ribbon is tied by hand and can be retied if it comes loose.
3. The makeup blush is made from organic ingredients and the colour may change after some time with light exposure. There might be some discrepancies in colour in different batches, but this is normal.

The Story of FLOWER KNOWS Brand
Girl's heart, Flower Knows.
FLOWER KNOWS was established in 2016 in Hangzhou, China. With a concept of originality, FLOWER KNOWS strives to be international good brands with its dreamy theme.
In FLOWER KNOWS, we believe the pursuit of beauty is a process of healing oneself. Makeup, is to color the mood, is a ritual to face life positively.
We have put an immense amount of passion into our products in the hope to heal the world with a girlish heart, which we define as the yearning for beauty and romance.
FLOWER KNOWS, to be the makeup brand that guard everyone's girlish heart that yearns for beauty and romance.

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