FULL BEAUTY Flower Leaf Geometry Nail Stamping Plates T2811

Name: Nail Stamping Plate
Volume: 1 PC
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 12x6cm
Pattern: As The Picture Show

Plates with high quality engraving even on thin lines, the small format makes the plate convenient to place on the master's table.
The plate also has a protective blue film, which allows you to save the plate from external damage during transportation.
Measure your need to create looks beautifully, suitable for professional use and home use.

- Don't scrape the pattern back and forth, just one quick scrape in ONE direction.
- Since the plate is a stainless steel product, scratches on the blue protective film during transportation belong to the normal site, which does not affect the normal use of the product(please remove the film before use).

How To Use:
1. Apply the base color gel and cure.
2. Apply the peel-off tape(air dry).
3. Squeeze the stamping gel.
4. Scratch the excess stamping gel.
5. Use the nail stamper to transfer the gel.
6. Stamp the gel on the nail.
7. Tear off the film formed by the peel-off tape.
8. Apply the top coat and cure.
9. Finish.