HANDAIYAN 4-Claw Liquid Eyebrow Pencil T1853

Brand: QIC
Quantity: 1 Pcs.
Net weight: 1 g.
Size: 12.8 cm * 1.3 cm.
Color: 1# Light brown, 2# Dark brown, 3# Red-brown.

Product description:
Are eyebrow pencils not really giving you the results that you are looking for?
* Our tattoo waterproof eyebrow pencil was developed to help you create flawless and natural looking eyebrows.
* Our specially designed four tip pen creates strokes that naturally come together to form a beautiful eyebrow that perfectly frames your face for any makeup look.
* Your eyebrows will look fuller, more polished and defined. The eyebrow pen evenly glides providing beautiful eyebrow makeup that lasts all day.
1. Four-claw bifurcated ultra-fine eyebrow pencil:
Fashion eyebrow tattoo pen, creates natural three-dimensional eyebrow and stays on all day for eyes makeup. It is safe and skin-friendly pen.
2. Waterproof & smudge-proof & quick drying:
Avoid the embarrassment caused by traditional eyebrow pencil with these kinds of tattoo eyebrow pen. This eyebrow pencil brings you a temperament eyebrow shape. Sweat proof and waterproof eyebrow pencil with quick dry inks keeps your makeup long lasting for 24h. Liquid eyebrow pencil is suitable for fitness, swimming, running, cycling, shopping, etc.
3. Easy to use & removal:
No special skills or makeup artist needed. Beginners and professionals love our eyebrow pen, our eyebrow pencil is designed with four nibs. Which is very easy to draw and fill out natural eyebrows. The eyebrow gel tint also comes off easily with makeup remover or oil cleanser.

How to use:
Step1: Raise the pen tip 45 degrees and draw eyebrows along the growth direction of the eyebrows.
Step2: Filling eyebrows with wide area.
Step3: Draw eyebrows with narrow area.
Step4: Filling in gaps to create the look of natural to enhance your eyebrow.

Avoid eyebrow pencil contact with eyes.

Keep eyebrow pencil in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. (Please keep out of reach of children.)

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