Solid Aurora Effect Mermaid Chrome Nail Powder T2381

Quantity: 1 box
Net Weight: 0.5g
Suitable: 6 Shades to choose.

1 Ultra sparkling nail powder comes in 6 amazing shades, vivid colors satisfy all your choices of nail art.
2 Nail powder made of 100% Ultra fine Synthetic Resin Powder, takes great chrome and Holographic Pearlescent effect. Smooth and non-grainy texture,long-lasting.
3 The colorful nail powder is suitable to be applied on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails etc.
4 Shiny mermaid effect can be displayed on a white background. When you touch paper, it shines like an elf in the night. Just use black gel, or apply clear false nails, you can achieve mirror effect like chrome powder. Even make your nails look like stars, Mermaids, Savannas, treasures.
5 Need gel nail polish and cure with uv led light according to the instuctions. Must apply over no wipe top coat needed.