innisfree 3-In-1 Auto Eyebrow Pencil T2063

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Stick.
Net Weight: eyebrow pen 0.25g + eyebrow powder 0.3g

1. Eyebrow pencil with an oval-shaped tip that allows for easy creation of your desired brow look.
2. Eyebrow pencil for defined contours of eyebrows
Its wide, flat oval-shaped pencil is perfect for drawing wide lines when held flat and delicate lines at the tip of eyebrows when held straight.
3. Soft texture for minimised irritation
Its soft texture glides over without irritating the skin around the eyebrows.
4. Match the colour of your brows to your hair
Pick from one of seven colours to match your hair colour and create a more sophisticated and sharp image.

How to use
Lightly draw the shape of your brows, then fill in with the pencil.
Use lighter strokes for lighter hair colors. Apply more pressure for darker hair colors.
To finish, lightly blend through brows with spooly brush.