innisfree 300ml Aloe Revital Soothing Gel T2073

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Stick.
Net Weight: 300ml

1 This soothing gel for face and body is formulated with Jeju aloe extract which hydrates tired-looking skin with moisture for a healthy look.
Aloe flesh contains more amino acids and moisture than its peels which helps soothe and energise the look over-tired, stressed skin, leaving skin traced with a refreshing scent of Aloe Vera.
2 A refreshing gel for face and body formulated with Jeju Aloe Extract to rehydrate tired skin for a healthy look of vitality.
3 This multi-use gel can be used in all areas of the body irritated by external factors and in need of intensive moisturisation, including the face, arms, and legs.
4 Soothes and strengthens skin barrier at the same time Made with Aloe Vitalizing Energy™, our unique blend of Jeju Aloe and Madecassoside, a plant-derived ingredient that helps to calm the look of skin and improve its natural moisture barrier function.

About Aloe Vitalizing Energy™
A special skin-vitalizing Jeju aloe complex. It moisturizes the skin with the essence extracted from aloe flesh. This aloe flesh prevents loss of moisture and strengthens the skin barrier with madecassoside and in doing so, revitalizes the skin.

How to use
Apply onto dry areas that need soothing, including hair, face, arms and legs, as often as needed.
Can be used for skin recovery after sunburn