innisfree Canola Honey Butter Hand Cream T2084

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Stick.
Net Weight: 50g.

High nutritious hand butter made from Jeju Canola honey builds moisture layer on your hand for well moisturized hands.
1. Bring moisture to your skin from Jeju Canola Honey
Deeply moisturizing, high-nutrient hand butter enriches dry skin with 30.31% of canola honey contained.
2. Soft texture that melts like butter upon application
This rich cream that melts in body temperature works fast to deliver hydration and nutrients to nourish skin for long time.
3. Delivers high nutrient and moisture to dry hands
Canola honey extracts and natural moisturizing ingredients brings intensive moisture to dry, flaky skin.

The stroy of canola honey
1. Fragrant, highly nourishing canola honey from the spring season of Jeju Island
Precious Canola Honey harvested from yellow canola flower gardens only in April provides the skin with nutrition, rich in flavonoids and protein, and a sweet fragrance feeling as if in the middle of a flower garden.

2. Jeju canola honey and seed formula forms a delicate moisture shield on the skin for honey luster skin
Canola extract with water-friendly properties replenishes the skin with deep water, while abundant unsaturated fatty acid strengthens the skin barrier, and canola seed oil forms a moisture shield for honey luster skin.

Free of parabens, colorant, mineral oil and animal-originated ingredients

[Directions] After hand washing, evenly apply an appropriate amount on the hands.