innisfree Eco-friendly Real Color Nail Polish T2046

Water-based nail polish, can be peeled off

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 bottle.
Ingredients: calcium, argan oil and tangerine oil
Net weight: 6ml.

1. Highly-pigmented color
Color Solution gives rich and intense colours to the nails with just a single coat.
2. Long-lasting base
Advanced Long-lasting Base ensures long wear of vivid nail colours.
3. Triple-care ingredients for the health of nails
A combination of calcium, argan oil and tangerine oil provides nourishment to damaged nails.
* The strong scent of tangerine gives off an extra citrus boost.

How to use
Layer 1~2 coats of nail color on nails with base coat on.
Recommended to apply 2 thin layers than 1 thick layer for better nail coloring.