innisfree Fruity Squeeze Tint Mirror Lip Gloss T2067

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Box.
Net Weight: 4ml

1. Give your lips a moist, dewy glow with a plumping effect!
2. Our Fruity Squeeze Tint adds a moist, dewy glow to your lips with a plumping effect. Thanks to the Shine Coating System with 30% more moisture content, it contains 10 different vegetable oils that moisten the lips. It also contains pearl extracts and plumping ingredients that both plump and exfoliate the lips.
3. More than a stain, Fruity Squeeze Tint binds with your lips, as if they are dyed with freshly squeezed fruits for a long-lasting and natural look. It has a non-sticky, smooth, watercolour-like texture that adheres comfortably to the lips even through multiple applications.

How to use
[Watery dewy lips]
Take an appropriate amount of the tint and softly apply in a gradation starting from the inner lips. Done! You get morning dew like dewy lips!

[Full plump lips]
Apply enough amount of tint all over your lips including the lip line. The more you apply, the more glow it adds. Done! You'll get a plump and fuller lips!