innisfree Green Tea Moist Balancing Toner + Lotion Set T1996

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Set.
Ingredients: green tee leaves extract
Net Weight:
Toner 200ml +15ml,
Lotion 160ml + 15ml,
Face Cream 10ml.

A refreshing watery-gel toner that replenishes skin with lightweight hydration from Jeju green tea.
This quick-absorbing toner helps balance the skin's hydration levels, and replenishes hydration.

A lightweight emulsion that delivers refreshing, non-greasy hydration from Jeju green tea grown specifically for skincare.
Oily skin types can use this light hydrating lotion in place of a heavier cream, but it's also great for drier skin types that need a cushion of dewiness beneath their cream—for longer-lasting hydration! It is formulated with green tea grown on innisfree's USDA-certified organic (Control Union Certifications CUC) fields on Jeju Island, Korea.

The Story of Beauty Green Tea
Because the Green Tea you drink is not the same variety used for skincare, we took great care in selecting a breed specifically for its skincare benefits – not for its flavor. Born on our USDA-organic farm on Korea’s Jeju Island, the new Beauty Green Tea was selected from 3,301 varieties. Rich in 16 hydrating amino acids, it’s a variety specialized in skin moisture.

The organic leaves are plucked from the stem, steamed for 30 seconds to retain nutrients and pressed. The extract is then stabilized for freshness and purified for safe application to the skin. We double-squeeze the moisture from the leaves instead of creating a classic infusion, in order to best capture their skincare benefits.

How to use
-Apply green tea toner over face and neck using your palms or a cotton pad after cleansing.
-Gently pat to encourage absorption.
-Use green tea lotion twice daily at AM and PM.
-Smooth over face and neck.