Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Loose Powder Fragrance-free T2033

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Box.
Ingredients: green tee leaves extract, natural minerals, mint extract.
Net Weight: 5g.

1 A loose powder for soft and shine-free skin:
Silky loose powder controls excess oil for a soft, natural-looking matte finish.
2 Double oil-control formula for a shine-free look.
3 With naturally derived Jeju Minerals and Mint:
Formulated with Jeju minerals and mint to refresh the skin while maintaining the oil and moisture balance.
4 Fixes makeup skin tones caused by excess sebum and oil:
Corrects clumped up makeup and dull skintones caused by sebum and oil, leaving the skin bright all day long.

The Story of Jeju natural minerals and nature-derived mint
The No-Sebum line is a base makeup line featuring excellent sebum control to keep your skin smooth and matte all day, containing nature-derived mint extracts and mineral salt made from lava seawater created by Jeju lava for over hundreds of thousands of years. It covers blotchy makeup or greasiness, making your skin smooth and matte.

How to use
[Directions] In the last stage of skin care, softly apply on the entire facial area or area with excess sebum using the puff. It may be applied to set the make up or whenever skin gets oily.