innisfree Shimmer Matte Gradient Blusher T2066

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Box.
Net Weight: 3g.

1. A blusher that infuses colours on cheeks as if draping a thin veil over the face.
2. Clear and transparent colour payoff like watercolor art
The watercolor-esque colour payoff stays clear even when applied in multiple layers, tinging the cheeks with clear, bright colours.
3. Delicate blurring effect like a veil
The powder features a soft focus effect which smoothly blends onto the skin, creating a natural blur as if draping a veil over both cheeks.
4. Perfectly fits your skin - *MCBB colours
The colours match your skin tone to naturally brighten the face, sometimes creating a vibrant look and other times a moody, romantic look.
*My Cheeks But Better

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount on wanted areas.