INTO YOU Pixar Strawberry Fluffy Festival Series Chameleon Eyeshadow Palette T3076

Quantity: 1 Palette
Net Weight: 12g

Design Inspiration:
When I was a child, I ate the jar of cookies and couldn't bear to throw them away.
It is full of all kinds of strange treasures,
Glittering glass balls, finished candy wrappers,
And all sorts of little secrets,
The small jar is not only a storage box,
It is also your secret base.
INTO YOU secretly sneaked into the secret base,
Dress them in new plush clothes,
Then seal the gift jars inside,
What is there, waiting for you to open.

Why You Need It?
There are 4 different eyeshadow powder with 12 shades in total: chameleon powder, polarized sequins, diamond glitter sequins, matte velvet powder, let your eye makeup can be switched arbitrarily to meet your different makeup styles.
The mysterious chameleon powder makes your eye makeup have a mysterious color, and it changes different eyeshadow styles with different light, full of charm.
The matte texture is as fine and silky as velvet, you will love it even more when you touch it.
The texture of the glitter is like mashed potatoes, very soft and moist, which makes it very long lasting on your eyes, doesn't fall off easily, and is very pigmented.
✔ Color stays true and looks beautiful all day
✔ Smooth & soft texture for easy application and comfortable wear
✔ Long-lasting
✔ Micro-aired powder

The Story of INTO YOU Brand
INTO YOU, is a brand that uses makeup as a carrier, with bold designs and constantly breaking the rules.
Starting from "YOU", INTO YOU hopes to create unique and self-made makeup and styling for young women through colorful colors and interesting experiences, and tap the infinite charm of women.
The brand takes "BRAVE, CONFIDENT, INDEPENDENT, FREE-WILL, FEARLESS" as its gene, emphasizes women's sense of freedom, respects women's unique personality, and encourages women to break through the shackles and live a wonderful self.
INTO YOU, use color to wake up a happy mood every day.🌈 ❤️

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