JOOCYEE Neo Deco Series Simulation Reusable Fake Eyelashes 3 Pcs Set T3196

Quantity: 1 Set Fake Eyelashes(3 Pcs)

The first series of J Archive+ will look back to the bright 1920S, coming from Art Deco.
This is regarded as "the most exciting" decorative style of the twentieth century, and it is still unique today.
JOOCYEE Neo Deco Series, we hope to reinterpret the art of decoration in makeup and explore a period of aesthetic color that spans the era.

- JOOCYEE Neo Deco Series reusable fake eyelashes, imitating the shape of human eyelashes, made of high-quality materials, reusable.
- Brilliant shape, natural curling, creating an obsessive urban feeling, recreating the phantom of retro and avant-garde.
- Suitable for stage eye makeup, various cosplay modeling eye makeup, prom eye makeup.

JOOCYEE Brand Story
JOOCYEE brand was established in 2020 and is a make-up brand for the new generation of women.
We believe beauty is the gentle antidote to life,
We want to be a catalyst for beauty,
Integrate practicality, quality and creativity to catalyze more happiness for you.
JOOCYEE, make your beauty unique. 💃