LANBENA Moist Deep Clean Soap T506

Quantity: 1 Box.
Net weight: 40g.
Ingredients: Water, Glycerol, Hyaluronic acid, Palmitoyl tripeptide-1, gold, Orange oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sodium stearate, Seaweed extract, Sucrose, Dodecanoic acid, CI69800 .
Skin types: Suitable for various skin types.

What is Hyaluronic Acid:
A substance with excellent moisturizing property in the nature, and make dry and coarse skin become soft, tender and elastic.
With the growth of people's age and the influence of nutrition, sunshine, environment and other factors, the ability of human body to synthesize hyaluronic acid gradually decreases, and the content of hyaluronic acid in skin will gradually decrease.
When the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin is lower than a certain level, the water content in the surface layer of the skin will gradually reduce, resulting in the aging of the cuticle, and the skin will appear rough, wrinkled and inelastic.
Therefore, timely supplementation of hyaluronic acid can not only prevent premature aging, but also maintain the young contour of the face.

Product description:
★ This facial soap bar rich in 24K gold and small-molecule hyaluronic acid are perfectly blended, permeating through the dermis to promote the nutrient absorption of the skin. Olive oil and coconut oil are added to strengthen the pore shrinkage effects, deeply moistening and moisturizing the skin, and smoothing fine wrinkles in the most perfect way.
You’ll feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the take on what comes next! The best soap for face, also a great gift to your families and friends.

Recommended method:
Washing your face after soaking the foaming net with warm water. The foam containing essential oil can penetrate into your pores to clean and moisturize your skin. The more bubbles, the better effect you will get.

How to use:
Step1: Putting the antibacterial soap for acne into the foaming net,
Step2: Working the net into foam with warm water,
Step3: Hanging up after use.

Warm note:
1. Don’t use the facial soap on broken skin.
2. Please Keep it in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.
3. Keep the facial soap out of the reach of kids.