LHS Ice Globes Eye Treatment Massage Set T1592

Brand: LHS.
Quantity: 2 Sticks / Set.
Net weight: 2 * 42g.
Colors: 01# Blue, 02# Pink.
Size: Length: 10 cm; Ball diameter: 3.3 cm.

Product description:
1. Lift and tightening: The eye massage ball can lift and tighten, soothe eye skin.
2. Eliminate pouch: The eye roller ball can help promote blood circulation, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, make eye skin more even and brighter.
3. Fade eye dark circles and fine lines: The ice roller for eye can help reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Then you will get firmer and younger-looking eye skin with a healthy glow.

Skin types:
Suitable for various eye types.

How to use:
1. Ice use: Put the ice wave ball into the freezer before use (about 30 minutes), take it out after cooling, and wash it with clean water.
2. Hot use: Soak in hot water (about 55º water temperature) for 2 minutes, take it out and dry it. It is suggested that a layer of eye cream or eye essence, should be applied evenly on the eye.

★ Apply proper amount of eye serum or eye cream around the eyes.
★ Massage the ball head slowly from the inner corner of the eye to the lower eyelid line to the temples.
★ Do spot pressing nursing according to the spot position on the way, stay for about 10 seconds each time, and repeat 2-3 times.
★ Continue to circle around the eyes in the direction of the arrow on the way, generally 3-5 circles.

1. Keep it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
2. Keep out reach of children.