O.TWO.O SC Series Concealer BB Cream With Refill T1886

Brand: O.TWO.O
Quantity: 1 Box.
Net Weight: 12g.
Color: #01 white ivory for white skin, #02 natural color for healthy wheat.

Product description:
♥1 full size BB cream + 1 refilled BB cream - It comes with a Substituted BB Cream, when you used up the original BB cream, you can replace it with the substituted pack, which is the same as original.
♥Two shades available-#1 white ivory is for white skin, #2 natural color is for healthy wheat.
♥Great concealment - instantly hides blemishes, dark spots and reds, smooth uneven skin tones, a beautiful, natural and glowing look.
♥Air Cushions BB Cream - BB Cream improves moisture retention, capturing a dewy, skin-like appearance with a bright finish. The buildable coverage allows this cushion to be worn every day, with a natural makeup look, for any occasion.
♥Excellent hydrating - natural hydrating provides excellent diffusing power and is non-irritating. The new formula's moisturizing properties keep skin fresh and comfortable throughout the day. The moisture provides the perfect cover without smudging.
♥Easy to use - together with makeup puff, give you perfect use of makeup, avoid waste of cosmetics, convenient, skin-friendly, not dirty hands.

When using, if you can't get the BB cream, don't press the filter forcefully, instead of turning the bottle upside down, use the bottom gently, which lets the BB cream flow to the filter, then the bottle stands upright you can get the BB cream sponge.

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