O.TWO.O Non-Sticky Matte Lip Coat T1903

Brand: O.TWO.O
Quantity: 1 Stick.
Net Weight: 3ml.

What is Lip Lock?
Lip lock, also called lip top coat or lip sealer, it is a beauty product to avoided lipstick staining and fading.

How to use?
Generally, it is used after applying lipstick. After the lipstick raincoat is covered on the lipstick, a film can be formed on the lips within a few minutes, which can isolate the outside world from the lipstick environment, avoid the phenomenon of lipstick smudge, sticky and fading.

Product description:
1. Heavy duty lipstick enforcer that locks in your lip color for all-day wear with an undetectable finish - This clear formula does not dilute or change the finish of the lipstick applied
2. Made from high quality and non-toxic ingredient, safety for use.
3. Special formula keeps lipstick from migrating or fading. Goes over lipstick to make it smudge-proof, waterproof and kiss-proof
4. Waterproof, moisturizing and nourishing, care your lips.
5. Film formed--In just 2 minutes, the emulsion texture will slowly become transparent, creating a protective film over the lips that locks in the color of the lipstick from the outside.
6. Silicone lip brush--Unlike a bristle brush, it may damage your already painted lips. Silicone lip brush can improve the texture of lip makeup without destroying the original lip makeup in a comfortable wearing.