O.TWO.O Brighten Oil Control Foundation T1892

Brand: O.TWO.O
Quantity: 1 Bottle.
Net weight: 30ml.
Color: N01 Bright white, N02 Soft pink, N03 Warm skin tone, N04 Natural color.

Product description:
1. Full coverage Foundation:
high-density powder, which neutralizes the weak concealing effect of the liquid foundation with strong fluidity, and can perfectly cover spots and acne marks. This bottle is enough for a flawless foundation.
2 Moisturizing texture
contains moisturizing ingredients, it is not easy to be creasing even on dry skin. The skin looks very shiny. You can easily create Korean water light skin.
3.Refreshing and non-sticky:
low-viscosity formula. When applying this liquid foundation, you will find that the makeup sponge hardly stick powder, and it will form a film after applying Even if you need to wear a mask, you will not rub the foundation on the mask.
4. Smooth and easy to push away:
it has strong fluidity and moisture, so it is very easy to push away. You can quickly apply makeup with your fingers. With a wet water makeup sponge, you can complete a perfect base makeup in one minute.
5 Long-lasting makeup:
the liquid foundation is fine and can be firmly fixed on the skin, even if shopping for 12 hours, it is not easy to fade.
6. Multi-plant skin nourishing:
contains plant nourishing ingredients, not only makeup but also skin care, can feel the base makeup is very moisturized all day, sensitive skin is not easy to feel irritation, not easy to oxidize.The color is the same from the beginning to the makeup removal.

Warm note:
1. Don't use waterproof foundation on broken skin.
2. Keep organic foundation out of reach of children.

Keep matte foundation in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. (Please keep out of reach of children.)