O.TWO.O 5 Pcs Super Soft Wooden Handle Professional Makeup Brush Set T827

Brand: O.TWO.O
Quantity: 1 set
Net weight: 100g.
Box: Five brushes (with gift box)
01 Shading brush 17cm
02 eyeshadow brush 15.6cm
03 eye shadow brush 16cm
04 smudge brush 16cm
05 brow-eilling brush 15cm

"Professional brush head design, create charm of makeup.
More concerned about the feeling of you."

Product description:
1. Professional brush head: Doesn't shed hair. Soft skin feels and strictly controls the ability of catching powder.
* 01 Shading brush: It can be used to brush nose shadow and side shadow. Girls with prominent eye sockets and wide double eyelids can use it for large area of base painting and eye socket dyeing.
* 02 Eyeshadow brush: The brush is fitted to the eye contour, apply eye shadow with the big brush head along the eye contour quickly and extensively.
* 03 Eye shadow brush: The size of the brush head is moderate. It is used to lay heavy color on the parts of double eyelids where wrinkles usually occur and lower eye sockets, and naturally dye the eye shadow of the last layer.
* 04 Smudge brush: The flat brush head is suitable for brightening eye head and brow bone up, drawing eyeliner and slender arched brows.
* 05 brow-eilling brush: Apply eyebrow powder or eyebrow cream on eyebrow several times along the eyebrow shape.

2. High quality:
It can be clearly seen that each bristle is designed with a special arc. Easy to create a more appropriate look.
*Rose gold aluminum tube: Copper + silver / zinc, has the characteristics of strong ductility.
* Wooden brush rod: The natural wooden dumb black brush rod has undergone strict wood screening.
* Cool package: With advanced dark grey full texture, its fashion is self-evident, easy to carry small make-ups.
soft skin feels

Warm note:
1. Don’t use makeup brush kit on broken skin.
2. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep full makeup brush set out of the reach of kids.