O.TWO.O High Coverage Liquid Concealer T838

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Brand: O.TWO.O
Quantity: 1 Pc.
Net weight: 5.5ml.
Size: 11cm * 2cm.

Product description:
1. Clear long-hold, durable oil-control extended and exquisite waterproof concealer is fresh and moisturizing without being stuck, resulting in a durable and fitting makeup.
2. Modify skin flaws naturally cover flaws, modify the skin naturally moisturizing and slim, silky without dryness fresh concealing makes the skin clear and breathable.
3. Four major color numbers:
#HC 01 Skin Brightening Color: Apply to skin brightening customization.
#HC 02 Light Beige Color: Apply to the extremely white complexion.
#HC 03 Natural Color: Apply to the white and pinkish complexion.
#HC 04 Wheaten Color: Apply to darker or dimmer complexion.
4. Brush head design:
The beveled brush head applies precisely and is more convenient to take out soft down.
Silky and soft, comfortable touch top of brush head.
Cover skin flaws, applying to small local areas flank of brush head.
Cover a wider range of flaws to counterbalance complexion, applying to large areas.
5. A multi-purpose tube eye concealing:
Conceal dark circles and groove face concealing, conceal pimples and freckles to make flaws invisible lip concealing / backing. Modify lip lines to create vigorous lip biting makeup.
6. Concealing skills:
Five major concealing positions pimple, freckle and other flaws Lip backing T district requiring brightening dark circles. It is crucial to moisturize before concealing for fitting foundation. With a small number of times, apply and beat it evenly.

Warm note:
1. Don’t use face concealer on broken skin.
2. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep hydrating concealer out of the reach of kids.

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