PROYA Double-anti Elastic Brightening Youth Facial Mask T2408

Brand: PROYA
Quantity: 5 Pcs/1 Box
Net weight: 25ml/Pc
Main ingredients:
EUK134, ergothioine, LIPOCHROMAN-6, astaxanthin, decarboxyl carnosine, Collrepair, CELLDETOX, micro-red algae essence, ectoine, olive leaf extract, VCE.

Suitable: All skin types
Especially for rough, dull, dark yellow, fine lines and other skin with preliminary symptoms of aging.

1. 1 Piece =1 Bottle of PROYA double-anti elastic brightening youth essence serum
2. Anti-oxidant brightens your skin
Anti-sugar firming your skin
3. Algae fiber membrane cloth, more skin-friendly
Silky soft touch, environmentally friendly and breathable
Micro-pressure penetration, fit the face shape
4. 10 times the absorption of mask cloth
Adsorb more serum

The Story of PROYA Brand
Proya is China's most internationally leading skin care brand. The brand was founded in 2003. It has been devoted to exploring new skin technology, strictly selecting high-quality raw materials, and constantly innovating and discovering scientific and technological skin care technology to provide all consumers with scientific, safe, and quick-acting skin solutions.
Proya is affiliated to Proya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 2003, it has been adhering to the core strength of young and cutting-edge technology as the brand's core strength, and has become one of the brands that adapts to the changes of the times and quickly penetrates and affects young consumers.