Pudaier Glitter Liquid Eyeliner T1247

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Brand: Pudaier
Quantity: 1 Stick.
Net weight: 4.5g.

Product description:
1 16 Colors liquid glitter eyeliner for your choice.
Contains holographic color effects for a truly unique look.
2 High pigment are easily stick on your eye areas to create charming and long lasting makeup.
3 Glitter, shimmer and Long lasting eyeliner, easy to match your look.
Long-wearing sparkle eyeliner lavishes eyes with incredible glitter and shimmer.
4 The metallic glitter eyeliner provide you a shining eye, suitable for all seasons makeup.
5 You can apply it after draw a black eyeline base, and you also can draw the eyeliner base directly, no need glue, metal flash eyeliner to provide you with shiny eye makeup.

1. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to conduct an allergy test on the back of the ear before using the product. Use the waterproof eyeliner pencil if no adverse effects occur.
2. Avoid the eyeliner shaper contact with eyes.

Keep the gel eyeliner pencil in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. (Please keep out of reach of children.)