QUANDO Niche Cute Milky Hand Holding Mirror T3222

Quantity: 1 Pc
Net weight: 70g
Size: 15cm*9cm(Mirror diameter 7cm)
Material: resin, glass mirror.

Design Inspiration:
Milky is a girl who grew up in a circus and got her name because she loves to drink milk. Although she loves to act coquettishly and is a bit willful, it does not hinder her versatility. When she falls in love with a flower or a small animal, she will transform into them.

The Story of QUANDO Brand
QUANDO was established in 2017,
It is a niche and original designer brand with a unique style.
The Chinese name has the meaning of magical creation, insisting on original and unique fantasy style,
Let art and niche hobbies blend into our daily life.

QUANDO is inspired by various stories and legends.
Plus the chemistry of imagination,
I have seen legends and stories without reason,
Putting together and reorganizing in my mind,
Express it with your childlike imagination,
It seems to be creating a parallel world full of whimsy.
Incorporate the world into everyday life,
Add another dimension of fun to life.🥰