ROSALIND 36W UV/LED Nail Lamp 18 LED Bulbs T2618

Name: UV/LED Nail Lamp
Power: 36W
Weight: 153.7g
Color: White
LEDs: 18 LED Bulbs
Adapter: Rated input 100-240V 50/60Hz 2A
Rated Output DC 5V 2A

1. Sunshine
2. Non-harmful
3. Non-blacken
4. Could fast curing UV gel/Builder/LED gel.
5.18pcs strategically placed LEDs, no dead-zone, more free.

Don't use acidic liquid to clear chips or else it will lead to failure of chips deads discoloration.

How To Use:
1. Power on.
2. Press the timing mode (60-second timer)
3. put your hand in.
4. Wait for minutes and it will dry.

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