SNAIL GIRL 1818 Pull Line Eyebrow Pencil Kit T1095

Quantity: 12 pcs / kit.
Colors: #01 Natural brown, #02 Light brown, #03 Brown, #04 Gray, #05 Black.
Net weight: 12 * (2.8 g / pencil).
Cize:19.5 cm * 1cm * 1 cm.

Effects: Get the eyebrow problem in one stroke. Silky texture relaxed on your eyebrow and charming.
1. Urable, not easy to break:
Pull line eyebrow pencil, the refill is about 18 cm, easy to use and economical.
2. Flexible refill, no lumps:
The color is natural and the hand eels good, which can outline the three-dimensional eyebrow shape with distinct roots.
3. Not easy to smudge:
Good waterproof and blooming resistance, high color retention.
4. Easy makeup removal:
Use make-up remover products to gently wipe, easy and clean removal.
5. Suitable:
#01 Natural brown - Blonde, linen or maroon hair color.
#02 Light brown - Brown, chestnut or coffee hair color.
#03 Brown - Chestnut, red or coffee hair color.
#04 Gray - Natural hair color or darker hair color.
#05 Black - Dark brown, dark hair color or natural hair color.

Easy to use:
1. Pull: After the refill is used up, pull down the white line.
2. Tear: Tear the outer wrapping paper in the direction of the paper.
3. Cut: Just tear off the paper and use it, very convenient. (If you like a flat head, you can cut it with a blade.)
4. Carry out: You can draw a picture on the paper to remove the beeswax layer on the outside.

How to draw beautiful eyebrows:
1. Confirm your eyebrow shape first.
2. Use the pen tip to outline the shape.
3. Fill the brow with color slowly.
4. Finally, smudge the eyebrows.

Warm note:
1. Don’t use on broken skin.
2. Keep out of reach of children.

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