UCANBE 15 Colors Flash Tattoo Face Body Paint T1929

Quantity: 15 Colors/Palette.
Net weight: 1.5g*15

Product description:
1 Our Grease Paints are packaged in a 15-color case.
2 This paint is certified non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals. It is safe on to apply on your skin
3 It is kind of oil-based face painting, not water-based one.
4 The colors can be easily shaded together to obtain a wide variety of effects.
5 Providing professional makeup artists with the 15 colors.
6 Suitable for any type of artistic makeup or special effects coloring.
7 They can also be used as party and holiday makeup for children.
8 Best for creating crazy looks! Such as fun themed party, fancy dress, Halloween, carnivals, fiesta;

Apply Easily:
1. Wipe your face clean with a moisture wipe or tissue.
2. Choose clean and suitable painting brush.
3. Stir the paint with brush or sponge (no water or alcohol), you may use single color or blend different colors to achieve your desired color.
4. Use large brush or sponge to give you great coverage and a bright finish; use thin brush for thin lines and details, or use your fingers directly.
5. Wait a few seconds for the first color to dry before applying the next.
6. Use Stencils if you're not confident painting freehand or are short of time.

Remove Easily:
1. Using waterproof makeup remover/olive oil to face/brushes. (Due to it is oil-based instead of water-based.)
2. Waiting for 5-10 seconds.
3. Wiping clean with paper towels/cotton pads/sponge first.
4. Washing off with facial cleanser.
5. Washing with water.
6. If not clean enough, repeat it again.

1. The oil face painting use professional Waterproof makeup remover.
2. Due to the hot weather in some areas, when you receive the body painting products, may be due to weather reasons, resulting in product melting, this is a normal phenomenon, please understand, thank you!