UCANBE 2 Pcs Crease-free Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer T2156

Net weight: 10g
Quantity: 2 Sticks

Product description:
UCANBE eye shadow primer come in 3 different shades - transparent, nude shimmer and dark skin toned - which blend with different skin tone. The light primer is to improve skin tone and make colors really pop. The shimmer primer is to highlight and brighten skin. The dark brown primer is to even out skin color and discoloration.
UCANBE eye primers prep the base for eye shadow, make the eye shadow easier to blend and stay in place. Besides, primer can make pigments stand out and intensify the color to show up much on your skin tone.
Blendable makeup eyeshadow base dries within seconds, reduces the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles. It provides a smooth surface for the eyeshadow application and lock the color in for all day and all night long.
Acting as a barrier between skin and makeup, our primers can absorb excess oil to prevent fading and smudging. It has strong concealing power which is helpful for those with darkened, discolored or oily eyelids, helping to cover redness and visible veins to achieve color correction and radiance boost.
UCANBE milky-testured eyeshadow primers are Infused with botanical blend of ingredients that help balance skin tone, give weightless non-greasy feeling, make makeup application smoother and evener. It is useful in hot, humid weather to keep eyeshadow from fading or smudging and also helps prevent creasing from normal eye movements.