UCANBE 5Pcs Dazzling Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow Set T1932

Quantity: 5 Colors/Set.
Net weight: 6g*5.

Product description:
1 Set #01-Super sparkly glitter series
Including 5 different colors, light texture. Including Diamond Crush, Gold Foil, Melting Rose, Light salmon, Dark Night. This set can be used not only on eyelids but also on eyebrows, lips, cheeks, face and body to accentuate your make-up style. It is suggested that it can be used superimposed with other cosmetics.
2 Set #02-Chameleon series
There are also 5 colors: Subtle Green, Comet, Vast Ocean, Shining Peach, Empire. These eye shadow liquid appear in different colors from different angles, so we call it a chameleon. It combines the perfect mix of pearl and glitter to lavish eyes with incredible luster and shimmer. Heavy metal color and highly pigmented texture, let it as the role of eye shadow play vividly.
With a professional ultra-fine brush, it flows continuously and smoothly, dries down quickly. Applying on smoothly and stable without a flake, smear or transfer, it keeps your eye makeup perfect from morning to evening.
The light and smooth eyeshadow liquid are easy to apply with the flat brush or your finger. It can be removed with makeup remover easily and never worry about pigmentation. Feel free to mix different colors to achieve a new look for all kinds of festivals.
With a unique package, it will be ideal for girls on daily use, Birthday Party, Cosmetic Show, Dance Party and Wedding Makeup, and more.

How to use:
Dip the appropriate amount of the product with a brush or finger, and apply it to the eyelid evenly and gently, making a shiny makeup effect.

Warm note:
1. Don't use makeup eyeshadow on broken skin.
2. Please do not put waterproof eyeshadow in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep vegan eyeshadow out of the reach of kids.